Yarn along & a couple of presents

On the knitting front, the saga of the blue willow jumper continues. I really love the way this looks, but I’m really regretting not taking the time to work out how to knit it in the round. Purling colourwork is a pain. I am definitely going to take the time to work out how to knit the sleeves in the round, though.


On the train this morning, I finished reading The Guest Cat. While I admire the elegance of Japanese prose, and love how descriptive it is, I must admit most Japanese books aren’t really for me. There’s just something that doesn’t click with me. I really enjoyed reading The Guest Cat, though, and found it very moving. It’s slow-moving, eloquent, and emotional. It was a slow and enjoyable book, but I am not sure yet whether it’s memorable. I would still recommend it if someone is in the mood for beautiful reflective writing.



I think I mentioned before that I was thinking of making a sampler for my friend who was getting married. As you can see, I did! When I asked what the theme for her wedding was, she said pink & glitter (which is very her). This was my interpretation. I would’ve liked to do something prettier, but I have to admit I was quite last minute. I have a long way to go to improve my written embroidery, too. But I liked all the French knots on the outside, and it did look nice when framed. I was also very impressed with my heart, especially given that  I didn’t use a template. Nice and symmetrical! I really hope they liked it. My embroidery still isn’t great, so I always get anxious when I give it as a gift.


My next present is going to be a set of soft blocks for my friend’s newborn, using some scrap fabric from my stash.

Linking up with the Yarn Along. What are you up to this week?

5 thoughts on “Yarn along & a couple of presents”

  1. I love your embroidery! The French knots are absolutely adorable. And your heart was perfect! You have some crazy projects going on right now.

    I am curious to check out “The Guest Cat”. I always like something that is a little bit slower-paced and elegant. Books like that are often very calming to read.


    1. Yeah, this jumper will be amazing when it’s finished, but is going to take even longer than I thought (but mainly because I am still rereading Harry Potter and don’t want to pick up my knitting). I think you will love The Guest Cat! Perfect accompaniment to a light floral tea. 🙂


      1. It looks like the jumper is going to turn out great, though. Take your time with Harry Potter, I don’t blame you for not being able to tear yourself away! I’d love to read the guest cat with some nice jasmine green tea. I’m headed to the library today to pick up some holds, so maybe I will see if they also have The Guest Cat!


  2. The embroidery is wonderful a really splendid idea – some of my friend’s are getting married next year so I might need to do something similar 😉 colour work in the round is much better than purling it, you will learn it fast I am sure, once the initial learning curve is over its so striaght forward!! jenny xxx


    1. Everyone I’ve made them for has liked them, so I am sure your friends would love it. I knit my mittens in the round, and it was much easier. I am just anxious about messing up the pattern if I knit in the round instead.


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