5 happy things


I think most of us could use a bit of cheerfulness right now. I tend to feel things pretty deeply, so am basically devastated right now, though this isn’t really the place to go into that. Suffice it to say I am an immigrant in the UK, so I’ll let you think about potential implications. There are still plenty of good things and happy things, and this is definitely the place to share some of those. I’m going to share some of mine, but please do share yours in the comment, or write your own post & share a link.

  • Tomorrow I’m going to Kelmscott Manor, summer home of William Morris, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and many other leaders of the Arts & Crafts/Pre-Raphaelite movement. I’ve always wanted to go, but as I don’t drive it’s a bit complicated to get there. Happily I have a willing friend.
  • I have wonderful colleagues, who came over and gave me a hug when I started crying at work this morning. I had a 1-2-1 with my manager which basically turned into a therapeutic rant. Unprofessional, maybe, but I did feel slightly better afterwards.One of said colleagues is marrying her long-term partner next Saturday. She is wonderful, and I’m so happy that I will get to share their joy.
  • A friend just came back from New York, and brought me this awesome tote bag & colouring book as a thank you for looking after her cats while she was away. I was just grateful for the cat cuddles, to be honest, but I won’t complain. 🙂P1050921.JPG
  • Glastonbury coverage has started. I’m not sure I would actually want to go to Glasto because of how massive it is, but I do love live music so I really enjoy getting to see what bands are on.

    NB: This is not Glasto! This is 2000 Trees, from way back in 2009.
  • We’re getting a cat on Sunday! I always had a minimum of two cats growing up, so I am very much a cat person. I’ve really missed having them since I moved to the UK and started renting. But now that we are lucky enough to have our own home, there’s no reason we can’t! This is Pippa, and we can’t wait to bring her home and discover more about her personality.


7 thoughts on “5 happy things”

    1. Thank you, Hila. This really is the time to come together and cheer ourselves up so we can prepare for the future. Good luck; I hope you can see good things again soon. Perhaps it will get easier with time. x


  1. I’ve been spending the past 24 hours doing a mental equivalent of this, trying to concentrate on the small positives instead of the huge, over-arching disaster that is this country. And eeeeeek that is so exciting about your new cat!!!!! I am especially excited as we returned from the cat shelter a couple of hours ago, having fallen in love with a cat, and we JUST got the call to say she’s available if we want to go back to meet her properly tomorrow! Cats make everything better!


    1. Yeah, thinking about happy things really is the only thing keeping me going at the moment. Spent lots of time Googling kittens & yarn yesterday, ha!

      Ooh, I hope you get to take her home! I got followed around by a cat at Kelmscott Manor & it’s true, they do make everything better. Happy cuddling!


  2. As you probably realise, I am totally with you on this way of dealing with things!!! Love your happy things, CAT! I too was a multiple cat family (mum was a vet nurse- we had 8 for several years) and I love the beautiful tote. I really couldn’t cope withh Glasto, I just don’t like amplified live music and large crowds.I went to the Leigh Folk Festival earlier and I just felt twitchy as soon as I got there, wanting to escape, even though it was folk music which is more my things. xx


  3. I’m so sorry, Jennifer. I hope you will be all right! I like your strategy of staying optimistic, though. You are truly a wonderful and kind soul. Has Pippa made it home yet? I can imagine that will be a wonderful distraction from the chaos! I am also in LOVE with that coloring book. How adorable!


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