Meet Pippa

Following on from my 5 happy things post, I’m delighted to introduce Pippa! We brought her home from the shelter yesterday. She’s 11, and had the same owners since she was a kitten until they had to move due to ill health.

Pippa hated the shelter; she literally was hiding under her bed every time we visited her. Clearly, we knew she was very shy. We set up her litter box, food, etc, next to the spare bed. P1060119.JPG

But we didn’t give her enough credit! She has been very brave and was willing to poke her head out from under the bed for a bit of fuss within a couple of hours. P1060121.JPGP1060124.JPG

And when we went to say good morning today, she wasn’t under the bed at all. We couldn’t find her at first, but it turns out she had discovered the living room windowsill. πŸ™‚

We left her to it, and when we got home she had moved to the bookcase behind the sofa. And then, after a solid 30 minutes of fuss, she jumped on my lap! She didn’t actually settle down, but she did then sit next to me & headbutt me for a bit. πŸ™‚ I am very impressed.P1060127.JPGP1060130.JPGP1060132.JPGP1060134.JPG

10 thoughts on “Meet Pippa”

  1. Congratulations! And what a brave lady! It sounds like she is adjusting well, and that she likes you very much. I bet you two will be fast friends. And oh my word, those eyes. Just stunning!


    1. I know, her eyes are just beautiful. Sadly adjusting isn’t go as well as we thought-she peed on our chair last night. 😦 Poor thing is clearly still scared. We’ll have to do a bit more work getting her to adjust.


  2. Jennifer – she is lovely just like ours I will send a picture to you but I can’t find your email … also sending you a very large hug πŸ™‚


  3. I am SO excited for you, what a great home you will give Pippa. We brought Missy home from the shelter yesterday and she has been so brave and curious. I expected her to hide for ages…. 3 minutes under the sofa and then she was out and about exploring the house!


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