Kelmscott Manor


Kelmscott Manor was the summer retreat of William Morris from 1871 until 1896, under joint lease from various other Arts & Crafts/Pre-Raphaelite big names like Dante Gabriel Rossetti. It’s in the middle of nowhere in Oxfordshire, and as you can imagine it’s beautiful!  P1050953.JPGIt’s now looked after by the Society of Antiquaries, and open to the public on selected Saturdays & Wednesdays. My friend & I went along to cheer ourselves up last Saturday & it made for an excellent day out. The weather was a bit variable, but we did manage to escape most of the rain.

I thought I’d share some of my highlights of the day. There was some exceptional design, as you can imagine, as well as incredible embroidery and a garden complete with a cat & a tremendous number of bees!


These were apparently rustically embroidered by Morris’ wife, Jane.
I really think this may the most exceptional piece of embroidery I’ve ever seen. It was a cot quilt for their daughter May. Extraordinary, isn’t it?


Books from the Kelmscott Press! For me the only disappointment of the day was that there wasn’t more information about the press, which played a significant role in publishing history.
The very affectionate local tomcat! He followed us around for a bit.
The orchard.


You could play croquet on the lawn!


Could these be the strawberries that inspired Strawberry Thief?
17th century Dutch tiles.



All in all, Kelmscott Manor is well worth a day out if you are a Morris fan, or even if you just fancy a quiet day in the countryside!

3 thoughts on “Kelmscott Manor”

  1. Love the kitty and the skirt 😉
    The second picture, the window, is there something on the sill or is the arc part of the window?


    1. It’s part of the window frame, I guess, but it is attached to the windowsill. I think it might be something to do with the last, but I’m not sure.

      I thought you’d recognize the skirt!


  2. Wow, what a perfect day trip! I have to say, it seems idyllic and like it could definitely cheer someone right up. From your photos, the weather looked beautiful. I have also never seen such stunning embroidery, and thank-you for introducing me to the Strawberry Thief, which I had never seen before and is absolutely stunning. What a beautiful trip. I could look at your photos all day!


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