4 happy things & Poem on a Postcard

Unfortunately the last week and a half has been pretty hellish. And even worse, the reason it has been so awful hasn’t been sorted out yet, so I think there will be a couple more weeks that are nearly as bad. *sigh* Sorry for being melodramatic; I know things will get better, but I also know I’m in a rough patch for right now.

As a result, I need some cheering up. Thinking of 5 happy things usually helps, but I really struggled to come up with 5 today. So I’ve got 4 things, and 1 activity that I hope you will get involved with!

  • My tomatoes have started coming in. I had the first one yesterday & they are yummy. The variety is Golden Sunrise if you want to grow them yourself next year.P1060577.JPG
  • Pippa has settled into her new home well. Now when we wake up, she’s on the landing outside our bedroom waiting to say hello. It’s very cute. 🙂 Unfortunately she hates having her picture taken, so photographic evidence is hard to come by.P1060544
  • Time off with R. I love him dearly, but he almost never takes time off. Last week we had the entire week off together, and while we had to stay in town, we did amble around all the local charity shops, watch a ton of Game of Thrones, and go to the cinema to watch Star Trek Beyond. It was lovely.
  • I am grateful that I work where I do, where I have sympathetic managers who actively encourage me to take time off when I need it. My dad’s girlfriend has been critically ill (as in, literally on life support) for the past 5 weeks, and he has had nothing but grief from his workplace for the time he has needed to take off to take care of her. I, on the other hand, have had only support from my workplaces, and also have a cushion of unused leave if I need it. It’s much needed right now.P1060537

And on to the activity, Poem on a Postcard! It’s a simple idea – if you send me your address, I will pick a poem (I am a terrible poet, so I promise not to write you one myself), write it on a postcard, and send it to you regardless of what country you live in. If you’re interested, send me an email at jennifer.howard86 at gmail dot com. Include your name, postal address, and anything else you’d like me to know – a particular topic you’d like a poem on, poets you love/hate so I can get a feel for what kind of style you like, etc. I’ll find a poem I think you might like within a month (sorry I can’t promise to do it sooner, but I think I may have trouble concentrating over the next week or two) and send it out. I always love getting postcards, so I hope a few of you will as well & will take up this offer.

6 thoughts on “4 happy things & Poem on a Postcard”

  1. How awful for your dad – not just to be going through that, but to have such unreasonable and unsympathetic reactions at work. I’m glad to hear your employers are more supportive. And look at that little cat face! So glad that Pippa is making herself at home. Missy is settling in slowly but surely. In some ways she seems completely at home but she still hasn’t ever come to sit on our laps and we are desperate for her to do so!


    1. Aw, I’m sure she will soon. She looks very happy in your photos. Pippa doesn’t sit on our laps, either; she will just put two legs on my lap & rub her nose against mine. It’s very cute.

      It’s horrible for my dad. I can’t work out how much of it is down to US vs UK work culture, or down to the individual workplaces.


  2. Love you lots! Loving those tomatoes and Pippa lots, too! Where is that photo of the wildflowers from? It’s absolutely lovely. I hope your dad’s girlfriend is doing better, and that you are too. Very glad you and R. had some time off together, too.


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