Brighton bliss


Last month, I took a trip to Brighton. Ostensibly I went for a conference, but I went early so I could have a holiday as well. Having grown up landlocked in Missouri, I always feel a little thrill when I go to the seaside. The literary connections of Brighton (including, but not limited to, Jane Austen references) and the fact that one of my favorite bands (British Sea Power) are based in Brighton made this an even more exciting trip. And honestly, Brighton didn’t disappoint at all. I will definitely be going back!




Happily, the Royal Pavilion was right by my conference venue (Brighton Dome). It was gorgeous, but I was more blown away by the garden. It’s not massive, but it is one of the lushest gardens I’ve ever seen! I couldn’t get enough of it & went through it as often as I could.



Nor did the shopping disappoint. I was unimpressed with most of The Lanes themselves, but the North Laine is probably one of my favorite shopping districts ever, full of bookshops and bakeries and music shops and sewing shops and other independent stores. There were also lots of flea markets. I came away with the most random souvenir ever, a 1930s lampshade now in our entryway.

And what trip to Brighton would be complete without the Pier & the pebble beach? I could see the pier from my hotel room, which was amazing! There were some sprinkles one day, but otherwise I got really lucky with the weather. I won’t say anything more, because I think these pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!







3 thoughts on “Brighton bliss”

  1. So beautiful! The sea side is such an exciting place, and Brighton’s looks beautiful! I’m so happy you found a nice lamp shade, you goof ball. 🙂


  2. I’ve not been to Brighton for a few years but am going at the start of September and can’t wait! The North Laines are so cool, I love diving into all the tiny shops (and usually spending far too much money) and, from a travelling-with-a-vegan point of view, it’s a great place to be.


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