Wednesday yarn-along: the one with The Moth and a sock

There’s a very simple reason that I haven’t been posting about what I’ve been making recently, and it’s that I haven’t actually been making anything. I have been really tired for what feels like forever, so I’ve been using my energy to read instead. I finally cast onto a project again last week. It is a great feeling.

Image result for The Moth

But first, what I’m reading: The Moth, edited by Catherine Burns

The Moth is a compilation of 50 true stories. What I love about it is that they are stories, not essays. I like essays, too, but it’s nice to read something different. The Moth is a real-life storytelling event and podcast based originally on the Southern tradition of storytelling, where people would gather together on someone’s porch at night & just share stories as long as they liked. These stories are all excellent – surprising, pithy, and emotionally engrossing. I found myself laughing often, as well as welling up. The storytellers run a wide spectrum, from an astronaut to a war reporter to global wanderers, but while there is a name at the front, the biography is at the end. It’s great to see so many different lives being shared. It also really inspired me to think about my life, whether there are moments I can crystallize into a story myself.

What I’m knitting: Zitronenmelisse sock.

Sorry for the lack of pictures this week! It is getting darker already, sob. These are knee highs and I’m knitting them using some 4-ply alpaca/wool blend from Jon Arbon Yarns. I bought the yarn years ago at a wool festival, so I’m glad to finally be using it. It’s lovely and squishy and soft!

Linking up with the Yarn Along; do go check out what others are making & reading.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday yarn-along: the one with The Moth and a sock”

  1. I have to read this! I love the podcast and I had no idea there was a book. That is great news. And oh my word, those socks. Lovely squishy yarn will be perfect for them. Your feet will be nice and cozy in the cold!


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