Yarn Along: the one with yet more sci fi

Wow, is it Wednesday already? The weeks are just flying by these days. I know it’s not technically October yet, but October is so jam-packed for me that I’m already looking forward to it being over. Is it just me?

Knitting and reading are definitely helping me relax, which is extra important right now.

What I’m reading: In Other Worlds by Margaret Atwood

The subtitle of this is SF and the Human Imagination, and it’s another non-fiction book about the genre of science fiction. I say another because you may recall I read a book called The Stuff Our Dreams Are Made Of earlier this year. I’m about halfway through In Other Worlds now, and I much prefer it. It’s a collection of essays, divided into three parts. The first is her reflections on the genre of sci fi and why we are drawn to it, the second is individual pieces about sci fi works that are of personal significance to her, and the final she describes as tributes. In the words of the blurb, she “explores and critiques the form, and elucidates the differences – as she sees them – between ‘science fiction’ proper and ‘speculative fiction’, not to mention sword and sorcery, fantasy and slipstream fiction. Atwood’s a great writer, and this is interesting and thought-provoking and critical without being didactic or overly negative (which was one of my key problems with Disch).

What I’m knitting: Zitronenmelisse knee highs


I’m really enjoying knitting these, though I’m starting to worry I might not actually have enough yarn. I can’t decide what to do about that. If anyone has ideas, I’ll happily take them!

Linking up with the Yarn Along. Let me know what you’re making or reading this week!


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