5 happy things: the one with new furniture


October is halfway over already! How did that happen? I guess life is moving apace, and I am struggling to keep up a little bit. Overall, though, I am feeling rushed & stressed, but not depressed. And for this time of year, that’s okay with me. Lots of my friends adore fall, and I do like autumn colors, but I’m really not a fan of short days & cold weather.

As always, though, there are bright spots to lighten up life. Here are 5 happy things for this week.

  • Bonfires. I know I said I don’t like fall…but I do love bonfires. I haven’t actually created one myself yet this year, but one of the best part of living near the allotment is that whenever someone is having one, I can smell it as I walk past. It’s wonderful. It always reminds me of football/marching band season & hayrides back home.
  • Holidays. We’ve both needed something happy to look forward to recently, so we’ve been pondering holidays for the last couple of months. Last week we made our decision on where to go, after much debate: Iceland. It won’t be until May, so we have plenty of time to plan. Any recommendations are welcome.
  • We finally have a chest of drawers. It’s a beautiful Georgian mahogany set that we bought in an auction. Neither of us could go on the day, so I had to put a maximum bid online the day before. Yup, this means we hadn’t actually seen it before we bought it…it’s completely out of character for me, but we’ve been looking for ages & it looked just like what we were after, and was under budget. It was delivered on Friday, and we love it! It is *ahem* a bit bigger than I anticipated, but that just means more storage, right? Right.


  • Cheltenham Lit Festival. It’s overpriced, but this year there were some really interesting talks. For financial reasons, I only went to two – Tim Smit & James Runcie with Revd. Richard Coles. Both were good, but Tim Smit was incredible. He was refreshingly positive & inspirational, seemingly without even meaning to.


  • Last Christmas, a friend knitted me a teapot hat. It was a late present, though, so I didn’t get to wear it until this week. I am not generally a hat person, but this one is toasty & really suits me.

What did you get up to this week?

6 thoughts on “5 happy things: the one with new furniture”

  1. Ooh bonfires, yes! I might see if i can talk the husband into lighting on this weekend, the smell of them really is unmistakable and utterly nostalgic!
    I think we need photographic evidence of said teapot hat – I’m intrigued 🙂


    1. That sounds suspiciously like it might involve a picture of me, but I’ll see what I can do. I should clarify that it is not in fact shaped like a teapot, it just has a teapot motif. 🙂


  2. I’m not too thrilled about the colder weather and shorter days, either, but it is so beautiful outside during the day! Iceland, how exciting! A holiday will be a great thing for you to look forward to.

    Your dresser is absolutely beautiful! I’m so glad you got it, and yes, more storage is always a plus. It is gorgeous.

    And I second the call for a picture of said teapot hat! Even if it’s just a motif, I really want to see it!


    1. Yes, I hope I don’t look like I was trying to take credit for it! I do knit & have made some nice fair isle mittens, but this particular hat was a gift. I’m thinking of buying the pattern myself, though, as it is so popular.


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