5 happy things: the “Welcome to Winter” edition

I know technically winter doesn’t start until the solstice on 21 December, but in my head it starts when we get a frost. That happened to be this week. I’ve mentioned before that I’m really not a fan of winter. At worst, I get clinically depressed for weeks/months; at best I just have varying levels of anxiety and self-loathing for weeks/months. This year has been pretty good so far, though. I’m quite surprised by how cheerful I’ve been. I guess it just proves that sometimes it does help to think about little positive things. I’m going to hold onto the feeling while it lasts!

  • Frost


Last Wednesday was cold enough that the frost didn’t even melt in the sunshine. Brr. The next day was a little warmer, with the frost melting in the sun (but not the shade). But actually, it was really refreshing to have a change from the blah, rainy weather we’ve had so much of this fall. I will take cold, real weather over grey skies any day. I go through quite a few fields on the train, and it was just so beautiful. It looked like there was frozen fog floating above each one. I loved it. I’m looking forward to more days like this.

  • Pantsuit Nation

I use Facebook a lot; it’s a really convenient way to stay in touch with my family and friends back at home (or in Germany, in some cases). I also use it to find out about events, etc. Post-election, a page called Pantsuit Nation popped up. It’s a wonderful page. People share their stories about what they’re doing to challenge hate, and it’s just really heart-warming. When the world looks like crap, it is really great to see the positive things that are happening around the U.S.

  • Advent

p1070492It’s Advent season! Christmas festivities are now officially allowed to start, on a small scale at least. I am really embracing the holidays this year as a way to cheer myself up. We now have 3 Advent calendars. One of them was made for us by my friend in Germany. It is a variety of dried fruit & nuts. Such a wonderful idea! We may put up some other decorations soon, but for now that’s all we’ve got hanging up.

I also spent last Saturday volunteering at the local charity Christmas market. It was cold, but a lot of fun, especially getting to wander around the other stalls during my break.


  • Having a chair in our “library”

We don’t have many people to stay, so instead of having a full spare bedroom, we’re opting to use our second bedroom as a home library/office/sewing room instead. We’ve now moved our wingback chair up there, and it’s pretty great to be able to sit in there and read with the sunlight streaming in in the morning.

  • Professor Lupin’s wand

A friend came to stay last week. It was so great to see him. But even better was the fact that he brought me a late 30th birthday present – a Harry Potter wand! Specifically, Professor Lupin’s wand. It was totally unexpected and obviously super exciting!


So these are my happy things for the week; what are yours?


5 thoughts on “5 happy things: the “Welcome to Winter” edition”

  1. The library sounds wonderful!!!!! We are just in the process of buying a house and it has one less bedroom than we are planning so things aren’t going to be quite as we would have hoped originally!!! Glad your winter depression hasn’t hit so badly so far!


    1. Oh, I’m glad you’ve found one you like, though! I’m a believer that compromise is important, but I hope this is one you don’t mind making. I’m sure you’ll find somewhere for your books. 🙂


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