Wednesday Yarn Along

What I’m knitting: Knee highs

I’ve finished the mystery knit and am back to the knee highs. I’m now in a dilemma, as I’m out of yarn and have about 6-8 inches to go. A couple of weeks ago, John Arbon didn’t have it on their website, but now they’ve dyed some more. So the question  is do I unravel a bit of the other sock, or do I spend the eyewatering £16 to buy more and hope the dye lots are close enough? I wouldn’t normally spend £16 on yarn- the skein I have, I bought for about £6 at a yarn festival. What would you do in my place?


What I’m reading: Finch, by Jeff Vandermeer

This is another sci fi book. I really enjoyed the Annihilation series by Vandermeer, so I thought I’d try this one out. It’s about a pair of detectives investigating a double murder in a world ruled by fungus. Yup, really. I’m not very far into it, but it’s quite interesting. I’m not entirely sold on it yet. Hopefully it’ll improve, though.

As always, check out the Yarn Along page on Ginny’s website to see what others are up to this week. And feel free to share what you’re working on in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Yarn Along”

  1. Could you make something with the wool you have left over from buying a new skein? If not, I’d unravel the other one, otherwise it makes it an expensive pair of socks!
    The book sounds interesting, I like things a little ‘out there’ sometimes. I’m currently reading Nella Last’s War, which is really interesting, but next time I want to read something not based on real life, just for the escapism.


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