Thrifty Gift Swap

I hope you are all having a wonderful break. I have had a whole week off, and also have Monday off. I’ ve been shamelessly lazy. The house is still a bit of a mess, but I feel rested for the first time in absolutely ages. I don’t expect it to last for long, so I’m enjoying it while I can. Can you believe it’s already New Year’s Eve?

In the run-up to Christmas, I shared that one of my happy things was the Thrifty Gift Swap, arranged by Janet. That’s mostly because I love buying presents so much, but it does also have the bonus of getting presents, too. This year my giver was Hannah McIntosh Burke, who makes gorgeous creatures, and also happens to be pretty good at giving gifts!





It was really lovely to get some chocolates from the U.S.! I also really liked these tiny earrings, which I’ve already worn. The highlight, though, is this alpaca yarn, which Hannah said comes from the alpaca in her village. How lovely! It’s so soft. I’ve spent ages looking at patterns, and am wondering if I might try designing my own at last. The 200 grams she sent is enough to do something cozy with, but not quite enough for a sweater. Hm. I won’t be rushing into picking a project, but I admit I’m very keen to start using this!

On the other side of the Thrifty Gift Swap, I can now reveal that I had the delight of picking presents for Alex. I won’t share most of what I got, but I did want to share the main present as I’d hinted at it on here previously. It was these fingerless mittens, another Kate Davies design. You may recognise this yarn from one of my yarnalongs. I was really happy with them, so I hope they keep her hands very toasty.







2 thoughts on “Thrifty Gift Swap”

  1. The bit I love is the buying and making, too! I think I’d happily not get anything in return (although opening parcels IS very exciting). Alex’s gloves are gorgeous, and how lovely to have wool from a local alpaca.


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