Wednesday yarn along: the one with a Kansas elegy

I’m sorry that I’ve gone so quiet. January has proven quite busy so far, with a course for work and a trip away to Germany. Plus, this week my mom is visiting. Quite exciting!

Unfortunately I can’t share a picture of what I’m knitting because it’s another present. Sorry, I know it makes for dull reading. It’s a quick knit, though, so I’m hoping to finish it and send it off very soon. In other knitting news, I finally finished the knee highs, which in fact reach just over my calves. Oh, well. I am relatively pleased with them & will share photos as soon as I get a chance to take some.

p1070820While I was away, I started reading PrairyErth by William Least Heat-Moon. The subtitle is [A Deep Map] and it is just that, an exploration of Chase County, Kansas. That’s why I was particularly interested in reading it; when I was very young I lived about an hour north of Chase County. Though I don’t remember much about it, I’ve still felt a distant tie to the prairies. Plus, he author lives near Columbia, Missouri, where I went to university, so I felt compelled to read it.

So far, it’s really interesting. He’s divided the county into quadrants, and explores a different theme of the county in each one. So far, he’s covered quite a lot of Native American history, the Nemaha mountains, and a tiny little cafe run by a feminist. This is an excellent book with beautiful writing, but definitely a long-term read. It deserves to be read in peace and quiet, with a large pot of tea.

As always, go visit Ginny’s website to see what others are reading & knitting this week.

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