Down at the plot: Starting over

Last year I didn’t blog about my allotment at all. To be honest, it’s because the poor plot was completely neglected. With me going on holiday for 2 weeks in April, and my friend going on holiday for a week in June, the allotment was effectively abandoned at crucial times in the planting calendar. And then the weeds got on top of us, and the couch grass spread, and it all just got kind of overwhelming. We still got leeks, potatoes, beets, carrots, radishes, raspberries, and a very few beans, but it really didn’t feel like we got much out of the allotment this year. I guess it’s true when they say you get out what you put in.

So in the interest of motivating myself, I’m going to try to share a bit more about what I’m doing on here. I want to be able to share pretty pictures! At the moment, though, this is what it looks like. Someone please tell me theirs looks the same so I don’t feel so bad…


I have plans to buy a mini greenhouse from Wilkos so I can sow things at home and plant them out this year, something I didn’t get around doing last year. I think I may also invest in more exciting seeds this year as an added motivation. I bought some purple french bean seeds at the market in Stroud yesterday, and I have added dates to my diary for sowing red cabbage and cauliflower so I can harvest them in time for Thanksgiving. I also roped my mom into pruning our plum tree while she was visiting, ha. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s hoping I stay motivatedย  this year! Are you growing anything this year, or have you had success in the past? Any tips?

7 thoughts on “Down at the plot: Starting over”

  1. I am terrible at growing things. I dream of having a lovely garden which feeds my family but in actuality I neglect it and it becomes overgrown with weeds.

    The only thing I can concentrate on in your photos is that things are green and I can see a few small wildflowers. I am so envious. We are in the depths of winter and won’t see green things for weeks to come. It has been an unusually warm winter but not warm enough for anything to start sprouting.


    1. Thank you! Yes, it does stay mild but extremely wet here in the winter. I really miss proper winter weather, though. I will never have a really tidy garden, but I guess it’s not about that. It’s about enjoying time outside and the satisfaction of eating something you’ve grown yourself. I don’t think it’s realistic for everyone to grow all their own food, either!


  2. Don’t feel too bad about last year. I was like that with my veg bed. I started in earnest and then let it slide. Your leeks look great! I WANT to get planting but we are looking to buy a house and I don’t know how long that’ll be so I don’t want to plant and have to leave them, or not plant and discover we are still there!!!


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