Travemunde – The German seaside in winter

In the middle of January, R and I travelled to Germany to join my family for the sea burial of my grandmother’s ashes. It was all very surreal, but quite laidback and soothing. I’m glad we were both able to go; he’s never met that side of my family before, and obviously while the circumstances were less than wonderful, it was nice for him to meet the side of my family that is geographically near. It was good for me to see them again, too; I hadn’t seen my cousins in over 10 years!

We spent 3 days in a rented house in Travemuende, a district of Lübeck on the Baltic Sea (Ostsee in German). At this time of year people are thin on the ground. It’s also pretty bleak, but it was beautiful in its own way. An added bonus was that the wifi didn’t work, and it was inauguration day… We spent the days going for walks on the beach, eating, chatting, reading, and knitting. I think Oma would have approved. There were some pretty cool beach finds, too. My cousin found 3 pieces of amber, and R found some sort of massive vertebrae. We also came across a part of the old wall between East/West Germany. That picture of me is me saying, “Screw you” to arbitrary borders! (Also, me balancing on a quite narrow giant branch…) We also went up to Fehmarn, an island with a ferry to Denmark. It was quite lovely, too.

I took lots of pictures, but unfortunately it appears some dirt got into my camera, so I’m sorry about the spots!













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