FO: Zitronenmelisse

At last, the Zitronenmelisse not-quite-kneehighs are finished. Whew. Never again will I forget to make sure I have enough yarn for a project!


I’m fairly happy with them, or at least with how the pattern looks. I still need to add some elastic to the cuffs. That might help with my main issue with the socks, which is that due to their weird length (mid-calf), they just keep falling down. They do feel absolutely glorious on my feet, though, as they’re an alpaca, merino, and silk blend by John Arbon. I think they will be quite hardwearing, but unfortunately they have already started pilling. I’m glad I got this wool in an offer, as otherwise it’d be a shame to waste it on socks. I’m not so happy with the yarn for the cuff, but sometimes you just have to use what you have in your stash.

I haven’t decided what I’m knitting next, but I think it’s between an Audrey in Unst cardigan or the Diamonds Are Forever. For purely practical reasons, I think it’s likely to be the Audrey; I already have some yarn I can use for it.

Any knitting projects?

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