Cooking with leeks


As you saw in my last update about the allotment, the only food left there is leeks. Lots of leeks. 3 rows of leeks, all for R & me, because the person I share the allotment with is currently on a restricted diet that doesn’t include leeks. So guess what we’re eating at the moment?

It’s okay, though, because I love them. You might remember my first ever meal with our new stove was macaroni & cheese with leeks. As you’d expect, leeks are perfect additions to cozy, warm, winter food. That’s the beauty of seasonal eating! They are a great substitute for onions or garlic (more onions, but they do give a nice taste when you’re running short on garlic, too); they have a sweet flavour which complements a lot of lighter ingredients; and they smell amazing when you saute them.

I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve been cooking, and a few of the recipes I’ve encountered while looking for interesting things to do with this overabundance of leeks. I’m not really one for following recipes wholeheartedly, so I never really feel like I can share my own recipes. Perhaps someday I’ll get the confidence to do it, but for now, I’ve tried to share links to recipes similar to my own food. Anyway, without further ado:

What I’ve cooked:

  • Leek & potato soup (my own recipe – sauteing the leeks in my cast iron casserole dish, adding enough stock to boil potatoes, boiling said potatoes, and pureeing it all up. Yup, I’m lazy.)
  • Leek, parsnip, & potato soup (same as above, but with added parsnips. Proper recipe here.)
  • Sauteed leeks with roast chicken
  • Cannelini bean & pearl barley crumble (adapted from recipe in The Kitchen Revolution)
  • Smoked haddock & parsnip fishcakes (recipe from Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook)
  • Pork, leek & potato tart
  • Leek & white bean galette
  • Leek & cheese quiche

What I’d like to try:

How about you? Any favorite recipes for leeks? I’d love to hear them.


11 thoughts on “Cooking with leeks”

    1. I am all for anything that’s full of taste. I’ll give it a go!

      I think the only thing that I found particularly difficult about growing leeks was waiting to plant them out. I get really impatient.


  1. This is so weird, Thomas and I were just talking about wanting to cook more seasonally and he looked it up and saw that leeks were in season at the mo and said, “right we just need some recipes.” And here’s your post! Great timing!


    1. I do my best. 🙂 Not many of the ones I’ve included are vegan-friendly, but I’m sure they could be adapted. The galette is absolutely delicious & was a big hit with the vegetarians when I made it for Thanksgiving one year; it’d be really easy to make it vegan, if it isn’t already.


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