Wonderwool Wales

Wonderwool is a massive wool and fibre festival held at the Royal Welsh Showgrounds in Builth Wells (Powys). My friend has been going with her mum & her mum’s friends for a few years now. They rent a caravan and spend the day ogling yarn. It’s always an annual highlight for her. This year my friend very kindly invited me, too. It really was amazing!


This was the view across from our cabin. It was so beautiful. I went for an early morning stroll as I had trouble sleeping. Perhaps it was the excitement. 🙂


There was a lovely little stream with lots of ducks and a single, sleepy swan.


And a rope bridge, leading across to a fancy hotel. I didn’t dare go into the grounds, but I couldn’t resist walking across the bridge. I do love a swingy bridge!


The Showgrounds are massive, with 3 gigantic exhibitions halls. In spite of all the people, though, it didn’t feel claustrophic. It was quite an impressive feat.


I thought this wool & embroidered village was incredible. It represents the village from Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas. It was put together by a large number of artists, but I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken.


There were also some very sweet sheep and lambs around. I did think it was terrible that they were inside, though, particularly at an agricultural showground where there must have been plenty of other options for places to have them.


This little felt owl (and the pumpkin you can see in the background) were made by one of the women we went with. It is so adorable, and I think when she makes more I will try to buy one! The festival was particularly full of wooltops this year, so ideal for needlefelters and spinners.


I, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky this year. There were so many stalls with beautiful yarn, dyed and undyed. I had a brilliant time ogling & stroking. However, I went with a plan in mind. I was looking for a very specific shade of green in a 4 ply yarn for a sweater I’ve been wanting to make. I was convinced I was going to find it – 3 halls full of yarn! But unfortunately I think the yarn I want might not exist. 😦 I think I’ll have to have it custom dyed.

Instead I bought 5 hanks of undyed yarn for £20. Bargain! I know what I’m doing with 3 of the skeins, but have 2 more to find small projects for. Ideas gratefully received!


I also bought this 4 ply green yarn. £10 for 8 balls – also a bargain. I’ve got some nice vintage sweater patterns I’ll probably use it for. My friend bought the same yarn and only used 3 balls for an entire cardigan, so I’m hopeful I’ll get a couple of nice pieces out of it.


All in all, in spite of failing to get what I went for, it was a fantastic weekend! I hope I get to go again, and I would certainly encourage you to go.

2 thoughts on “Wonderwool Wales”

  1. I love that bridge. Of course, you had to walk over it. Who could resist?

    That wool and embroidery village is amazing. I am in awe of the talent that can create such things. I always enjoy your posts about wool and knitting even though I have never knitted anything in my life. One day I will give it a try.


    1. You should! It is very relaxing. I’m sorry I haven’t had more crafty posts this year, but I have a few things on the go & a few more planned, so hopefully soon!


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