A day of Shakespeare

I know we’re all thinking about the bank holiday now, but as I’ve finally got a bit of time off, I’m hoping to catch up on some blogging. I’ve had a few lovely days out in the past couple of months & have also been planning some projects that I’d like to share.

I’ll start with the most recent. R & I had our 3 year wedding anniversary this week, so last weekend we decided to go away. Stratford-upon-Avon is somewhere we’ve always said we’ll go, and it’s only a 50 minute drive. That said, it’s a little over 2 hours by train, which is why we haven’t been yet! I’m not really keen to spend 4 hours on a train in one day, so we knew it’d have to be a weekend trip. Obviously I used this as an opportunity to make sure we also went to the theatre.

P1080714We started the trip off right with tea. R had been told about a tearoom that had giant scones, so of course we headed there. It’s Hobsons, if you happen to make it to Stratford. R had the giant scone (which was less a giant scone than a normal size scone filled with about 7 inches of whipped cream and strawberry jam) while I had a cream tea. The rest of their cakes looked amazing as well, and it was quite reasonably priced.

P1080625P1080619We then went around a few of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust properties – the Birthplace, New Place, and Hall’s Croft. They were all lovely, though I definitely took the most pictures in New Place. The gardens at all of them were excellent, too. I’m sure I took more pictures of the gardens than anything else. This seems appropriate, as I used the Gardener’s World 2-for-1


I loved this planting combination in the Birthplace garden.


Hall’s Croft was owned by Shakespeare’s daughter and his son-in-law, who was a physician. At the moment they’re installing a new medicinal garden. I think it’ll be beautiful when it’s finished.


New Place is a bit different, as the building no longer exists. There is a partial building with an exhibition, and the rest of the site is a garden-cum-art exhibit. The weather was a bit iffy while we were there, but we did get to enjoy a bit of it. I was really impressed with the exhibition as well; it’s hard to make a house that was destroyed in the 19th century come to life, but they did a really good job. Plus, there were dress-up opportunities which are always a winner.


We also stopped off at Holy Trinity, where Shakespeare’s grave is. We didn’t actually go see the grave, but the church itself was really beautiful. I was particularly impressed with the wood beams that formed the roof.

And then we walked along the river, went back to the hotel and changed for the play. Antony & Cleopatra was on, and it was an excellent production. I don’t think it’s become one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, but I would definitely love to go see another play there. Really, it was just a reminder that I should go to the theatre more often.

Have you been to Stratford before? What Shakespeare-related places would you like to see?


1 thought on “A day of Shakespeare”

  1. It looks like a lovely day. I do enjoy visiting Stratford, I’m also just a 50 minute drive away but in the other direction!


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