Down at the plot – May

P1080734There’s big news on the allotment front for May – I moved plots! I won’t bore you with the details of why. Suffice it to say, it was a complicated and stressful (VERY stressful) decision that I’m still not quite thrilled about. At least, I’m less than happy with the timing; overall it’s a positive move. The upsides are that I’ll now be sharing with two people rather than one, which means there’s less worry if one of us can’t go for a few weeks in a row; the new plot still has raspberries but also has an apple tree; it’s a bit quieter and wilder where the new plot is, so it’ll feel more like a retreat; and it has a fully functioning shed. The downside is that we still have responsibility for our plot this year, we haven’t had time to go and cover it over so it doesn’t get even more overgrown, and I’ve got to go tend to the potatoes that are planted there as well as looking after the new plot. It’s going to be a complicated summer, especially because the tons of stuff I need to do at work mean I won’t be able to take any lazy annual leave days to spend down at the allotment.


You can also imagine that this means I haven’t actually gotten much done in May, and you’d mostly be right. I hilled up the potatoes a few times, and at the plot itself that’s about it.


More got done behind the scenes at home. I sowed a few trays – beans and cauliflower – which got blown over and ruined not once, but twice. About 5 beans and no cauliflower have survived. šŸ˜¦ Devastating! I’m going to try sowing some more cauliflower now and hope I can still catch up. I also planted some patty pan squash, which is coming up beautifully. I’m hoping to get them in the allotment before my rubbish greenhouse ruins them, too.


Finally, I’ve planted some tomatoes in grow bags. I am growing Tumbling Toms, Golden Currants, and Green Zebra (I think) this year. Hopefully they’ll all do well and I can make some beautiful tomato salad in the next couple of months.


I’d love to hear what your garden’s up to this month!

10 thoughts on “Down at the plot – May”

  1. My gardens (all flowers) are totally overrun with gypsy moth caterpillars this year. They are so, so bad. The plants are black with them and they have totally chopped down my iris blooms. Our oak tree has literally no leaves on it. The front of the house is covered with them. It is a plague that is effecting huge portions of New England. I’ll admire your garden photos since, for me, it is not even worth the effort to plant things.


    1. Oh, no! I read recently that insects often have mast years (or something like that, I can’t remember exactly what it’s called) where they reproduce more than usual so perhaps that’s what it. Hopefully you’ll have better luck next year.


  2. The new plot sounds good, but it certainly will be a busy summer! Good luck with it, it so nice when you can start to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I’m currently over run with lettuce leaves in my greenhouse, but at least I know what not to do next year šŸ™‚


  3. I’ve been on the allotment list in my neighbourhood for ages now and I’d love to have one! People in my area wait years sometimes though so I’m not holding out hope for this year! xx


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