Pippa: 15 things

I can’t believe it, but it’s been a year since we adopted Pippa! It feels both like it was just yesterday, and like she’s always been a part of our lives. We both love her so much and love coming home to her every day.

A few months ago, Janet posted some fun facts about her cat, so I thought this was a great excuse to do that about Pippa. Enjoy!

  • R is nervous about having an outdoor cat, so Pippa is basically a housecat (the first one I’ve ever had.) I do let her go out with me when I’m out in the garden, though, and let her wander out when the weather’s warm enough to leave the back door open.
  • That said, she’s pretty determined and will happily jump out our kitchen window. I plan to use this as a long-term bargaining chip for letting her become a full-time indoor/outdoor cat.
  • Pippa is incredibly shy and will go hide under our covers any time someone besides me and R even knocks on our door. She also goes there when we’re vacuuming.
  • She enjoys sitting on R’s lap while he watches action films.
  • Pippa is waiting for us every day when we come home from work. She comes to the front door to see R, then waits by the back door when I get home a little later. Our favorite thing is when she is sitting in the windowsill when we get home, though.
  • Her favorite thing to do, by a mile, is lay on our chest/stomachs. Preferably with her bum in our face, obviously. Every day when he gets home, R goes to lay down so they can have a bit of a cuddle. P1080221
  • She’s scared of fans (we just discovered that this week during that brief spell of summer).
  • She now comes to wake us up in the morning. She just walks in & starts purring really loudly until we wake up, then jumps on the bed and sniffs our faces.
  • After ignoring her cat bed for 6 months, she suddenly decided she loves it and spends most evenings in it.
  • Pippa wouldn’t come out from under her cat bed at all when we visited her in the animal shelter.
  • She doesn’t play with a lot of toys, but we discovered she loved mint when someone spilled some in our living room. She rolled on the spot for days!
  • She also has a yellow ribbon that we play with every day. She loves it. It’s part of our morning routine – I get up, go the bathroom, get her food, get dressed, and then we play for 10-15 minutes before I go to work. It’s the best part of my day! P1070644
  • She’s always adorable, but is easily at her cutest when she lies on her back with her paws tucked up onto her chest.
  • She hates the camera, so it’s really hard to get any good pictures of her. (Hence no picture of the above pose.)
  • Pippa is R’s first cat, and she has totally converted him to a cat lover. He may deny it if asked, but his phone is full of pictures of her (he took the one below) and we now sometimes look at the adoption page on the shelter’s website together. I mean, look at her! How could he not fall for her? 🙂
  • image(1)

6 thoughts on “Pippa: 15 things”

  1. She sounds adorable. I can’t imagine life without Tink and Socks, although I could live without Socks sticking his claws into my scalp when he thinks I’ve been sleeping for too long, and should get up and feed him. A gentle sniffing of the face would be so much nicer.
    A lovely post 🙂


  2. Puss!! She is so lovely. And this is such a lovely post. Missy also has a ribbon (blue) that she loves to play with. And they also (almost) share an adoptionaversary- it will be 1 year for us this Thursday.


  3. She is an absolute beauty!!! What a gorgeous girl! I have SUCH affection for tabbies. Her arms crossed seated position reminds me of what my lovely tabby Sophie used to do!


    1. Aw, Sophie sounds adorable! Pippa’s the first tabby I’ve had. I wanted a black cat, but saw Pippa on the shelter’s website and knew she was meant to come home with us.


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