Down at the plot: June

P1080731June seemed like another really busy month at the allotment, yet looking back I’m not sure what I did! There was still plenty of planting to do – we got in about 3 varieties of squash and some cauliflower. We also did quite a lot of weeding. There are a few strawberries, raspberries, and gooseberries coming in, but not much else in the way of harvesting. Our new allotment partner grows cut flowers, though, so we had loads of Sweet Williams!

P1080732P1080835P1080831At home my tomatoes started growing dramatically (and the first fruits appeared), but the rest of the garden is still looking terrible. I’ve got big hopes for next year, though…

P1080828I’m hoping July will be the month for harvest. Everything was looking close to being ready, but wasn’t quite there. I can’t wait for these plums to ripen! I’m also guessing it’ll be a slightly quieter month, apart from watering. P1080725

2 thoughts on “Down at the plot: June”

  1. My plot has been such a mess recently. Too many busy weekends have meant it’s suffering from nettles and I’ve got a lot of weeding to do and I’m worried I’ve missed a lot of my planting opportunity.


    1. Ours is mostly a mess, too. It’s hard, isn’t it? I’m not really that fussed about weeds as long as I get to harvest a few things, but like you I really didn’t get to plant much this year. There are always quick things like beets, spinach, rocket, radishes, etc, and I think there are probably some varieties of peas that can still be planted now, so it’s not too late. x


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