5 happy things – a September update

It’s 3 a.m. as I start this post. I am awake partly because the baby bump is now pretty unwieldy, but more because I am anxious about lots of things that will be happening and will have a big financial impact. It’s all very scary. So I suppose 3 a.m. is as good a time as any to reflect on 5 happy things and hopefully calm down a bit. Here goes nothing.

The seasons are changing.

I am not really a fan of fall or winter, to be honest. I like warmth and sunshine too much. In the UK especially, fall and winter are mostly just grey and rainy. I like a sweater as much as the next woman, but that is definitely not enough to outweigh the downsides of the season. But having said that, I do enjoy the signs of seasonal changes. Those special weeks when the leaves are slowly turning color, and there are pink veins running through green leaves. When goldenrod and purple asters are poking their faces through white tufts of gone-over weeds. When dewy mornings melt into intensely sunny days. It is rather glorious, and I am really enjoying it this year. Last year I used the hashtag #embracingtheseasons on Instagram, and I’m using it again as I think it did help me focus on the postives.

Cementing friendships

I was fortunate to meet some new friends while on maternity leave with Mabel. While I get on with them really well, we are still in relatively early friendship days; I consider some to be good friends now, but am not sure they think of me the same way, or that it is permanent yet. Nonetheless, it does make me happy to think that the building blocks of more close friendships are around me, especially because, at long last, I may be making friends who live in the same town as me!

Mabel’s developing sense of self

Okay, this one is truly a double-edged sword! Seeing a little personality develop is hands down the best part of being a mum. I love it. It is absolutely fascinating. That is why it counts as a happy thing, even though the other side is that she is asserting her independence, saying no, and (occasionally) biting. (Yup, she’s a biter. Eeeek! The guilt!) It is great to see her starting to try to assert her boundaries, even if she does it at moments that are not appreciated by me (i.e. bathtime and nappy changes). But overall she is a happy little girl who loves playing with crayons, loves doing the dishes and pretending to tidy, and playing with toy cars.

My seed haul

I spent today in Stroud, which is always worth a visit. While hanging out with a lovely friend and having lunch in the park, we also stopped by the museum, which sells seeds and plants from their garden and a nearby nursery…seeds are 50p per packet! I bought 10 packets, ha! Bargain. Some are for a friend, but I still got: white foxglove, purple orach, cherry-red dianthus, krautia macedonica, helenium, and angel’s fishing rods.

Maternity leave

I’m on maternity leave! Technically I could have carried on working longer; I have about 4 weeks before I am due. However, I am exhausted. The travel is pretty hard on me now, and I am really looking forward to not riding my bike anymore. Plus, it’s induction which means a ton of walking/standing/running, and I am already starting to have a bit of back pain again. It just didn’t seem like a good idea. I feel pretty relieved, so I’d say it was the right decision. As a bonus happy thing, I actually managed to bake some brownies and a vegan lemon cake to bring colleagues on my last day, hurrah! It has been a while since I’ve managed to do any baking, so it is really lovely.

So that’s my happy things for today. What’s happening with you?

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