At the beginning of July, we had a visit from my German aunt and cousin. My aunt had particularly mentioned Cornwall, and as we’d never been (it’s trickier to get there, particularly the coast, when you don’t drive) we did our best to encourage this plan. 🙂 Another friend from Germany also ended up coming, so it was a brilliant bilingual holiday!

We ended up renting a cottage near Tintagel and going for a brief 3 days.  It was absolutely fantastic, though. The weather held out, with no rain and a reasonable amount of sunshine. The cottage was just 3 fields away from the coastal path & 15 minutes to a beach on either side, so a lot of our time was spent right on the coast. It was so relaxing.



I was pretty in love with the gorgeous herringbone stone walls, probably made from local stone as there were a lot of quarries in this area historically.


Look at me, sitting on a gate at 21 weeks pregnant like a responsible mother-to-be.


And of course there had to be a cream tea. The scones were still warm – perfect. We also ate a lot of ice cream while we were there. The best was R’s raspberry ripple. I’m still kicking myself for not going back to get some for myself.


I was incredibly impressed by the water. The color & clarity were stunning. It was quite cloudy when I took this, believe it or not.


It also happened to be the fourth of July while we were there, so we used the cottage’s grill to have a barbecue. Burgers, hot dogs, and halloumi for the veggie friend who had also come with us.


Our trip ended with this perfect sunset. As you can imagine, I’m pretty desperate to go back soon.

I also persuaded my aunt to go to the Eden Project, but I’ve decided that deserves its own post.

Have you been to Cornwall? Where should we go next time?

January sunshine in the 5 Valleys

This post is very overdue. These pictures are from when my mom visited back in January, right after my Oma’s burial. As always in January, the weather was quite variable so we stayed close to home. We visited Winchcombe, a lovely Cotswold village. Unfortunately it was cold and grey that day, and I didn’t get any good pictures.

When we visited Stroud and Painswick a few days later, though, the weather was glorious. I highly recommend a visit to the 5 Valleys if you’ve never been. The 5 Valleys are an area on the edge of the Cotswolds, and are one of my absolute favourite places in the world. I think you can see why from these pictures. Stroud is also a lovely town, well known for its farmers’ market. We bought some local seeds there – I’m going to be growing purple dwarf beans this year! Painswick is quite nearby, a tiny little quintessential Cotswold village which is home to a Rococo Garden. The snowdrops were just starting to peek out, so we visited there, too. On the way, we went past an inscription by Eric Gill, which I got very excited about! All in all, it was a wonderful day, and left me wanting to move to Stroud (which I think every time I visit, actually). I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

View from the top of the Rococo Gardens.
Stroud Farmers’ Market.
An engraving by Eric Gill!
Rococo Garden.
Sadly, this tea room was closed. It has a great sign, though!







This was in the Patchwork Mouse, a sweet little cafe in Painswick. It was made by Laura Mirjami: