Peanut butter and chocolate cookies

I’m sorry, but this is one of those annoying posts where I tell you about something delicious I made and then don’t share the recipe. You can take the librarian out of the library, but you can’t convince her to be less anxious about copyright! I’ll share a link to the cookbook on WorldCat, though, so you can quickly find it at your local library.


These cookies are AMAZING. I use caps lock very sparingly, so you know I really mean it! It had been a while since I’ve been inspired to bake, but when R gave me the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook for our anniversary, I couldn’t wait to make something from it. As with the website, there was a lot to choose from. But a friend had recently given me a jar of peanut butter (which is less random when you know that I love peanut butter) and the idea of peanut butter cookies was already in my head, so these won. They were just the right texture, a nice mixture of crunchy on the outside & soft/light on the inside.

P1080787I was nervous about the idea of making sandwich cookies, to be honest. Chocolate ganache can also be a little tricky to get right. But the recipe was very straightforward and easy to follow, so they turned out just fine. I think what made it work was the fact that I was cutting the cookies from a frozen log of cookie dough – genius. I don’t know why I’ve never done it before. I suppose uniformity in baking/cooking has never been that important to me, but this definitely helped with that aspect (though I stupidly made the two logs different sizes, so they weren’t all identical).P1080786

I brought these cookies to both workplaces, and they went down an absolute storm at both. The one thing I would say about these cookies, though, is that while everyone loved them, I found them a tiny bit salty and also didn’t think they tasted like peanut butter. I think this is down to me thinking of peanut butter as a sweet thing, though, whereas British peanut butter isn’t particularly sweet. If you use British or natural peanut butter, I would suggest you might want to leave the pinch of salt out of this recipe. I’m going to try that next time & see if it makes a difference.

Find out if your local library has the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook here.


Happy baking! 🙂